Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's all becoming a blur...

Since I last wrote, Graduate School has truly been making my life a joyous blur! As I write, I have 8 weeks left & am in the last stretch of a hell-bent class called "Capstone" in lieu of a thesis. It's incredibly time consuming, confusing, & draining! But in the end it will all be worth it.
At the end of January, I had the great pleasure of joining colleague & friend, Ashley, to Tsunami for sushi with a large group of her friends before going to Polk County's Shiner's Ball. It was a night of much laughter & a few "WTF" moments! I am so glad Ashley invited me because it was certainly an event you had to see to believe. It's outdoors, overlooking a lake, with live music and tons of people all wearing black-light clothing.

In February, I took a much needed vacation as my parents from New Jersey & my two cousins from Italia came to visit for one week. We split the week: half in Disney & half on Marco Island. It was freezing cold, but we had the most perfect visit. It was my cousins' first trip to the States so I was so happy to be with them to experience Disney for the very first time. I loved seeing my family in my new home - we ate a lot, laughed a lot, & hugged a lot. It was heartbreaking to see them leave.

Here's my cousin, Frank, & I in space during our visit to Spaceship Earth in Epcot: Click here to see the whole album.

One work highlight worth mentioning was that I, along with three other employees, were chosen to appear in an informative (yet funny) customer service internal "commercial". During the taping, we were all so gitty & silly, that my sides actually hurt from laughing so hard. We had a great time filming it. The vignette was released on the company's website the week of February 15th - I truly thought I came off like such a clown - but regardless, it was a terrific experience.

Towards the end of February, I wento a beer festival in the town of Lakeland, the town I lived for 13 months & adored! Since moving, a hookah place has opened up, so after the beer fest, I went there, enjoyed a hookah, fabulous conversation with my friend & watched belly dancers perform. So cool! Who knew Lakeland would have such a great place to go hang out at!?!

March, half over as I pen this, has been insanely hectic with school & work. Luckily, my cousin, Michael, will be visiting next week, & the week after, BFF, PJ will come to town. So happy!

I know I am truly blessed with an amazing family & friends. A year ago, I had no idea why I was here. It still has not been revealed to me. But, I am happy, I am satisfied, & I am doing the best I can to enjoy my life even though I am still trying to figure it out...

Life is raw material. We are artisans. We can sculpt our existence into something beautiful, or debase it into ugliness. It's in our hands. - Cathy Better.


AnnInMaine said...

Life, is an adventure!
I love your hair in the photo!

Jules said...

So glad you are enjoying your new home Susie. You adjusted beautifully. xoxo