Wednesday, January 13, 2010

December 13th - January 13th

My friend, Bob, a colleague of mine from back in my Learning & Development days in NJ, sent me the following e-mail :

Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 2:13 PM
To: Assunta Marino
Subject: December 13? (Or 18?)

That’s the last posting on your blog! I’m interested in your continuing adventures!
Nice car!

Well, it’s been one month since my last post, and it’s mostly because I thought my life had been very boring & I didn't think y’all would wanna hear about it on a weekly rant so I waited until I actually had something decent to write.

After receiving Bob's e-mail - it made me realize that at least one reader out there did wanna hear about what's going on! LOL. And, as I began to pen a post wrapping up a month's activities, it made me sure that my life is not boring at all!

The last month has been very busy. As y’all know, I have a nice list of “to do” items, that, slowly, one by one, I have been able to check off:
1) Move
2) Get a new car
3) Grad School
4) New cell phone
...Etc etc

I am pleased to report that the new apartment & Miss Bene Fit are both working out fine. I’ve been lucky enough to have amazing friends to help me transition & to help furnish the place (Tanya awesomely gave me some of her unused furniture!!!).
Speaking of Tanya, we spent Christmas day together at her home, where she made the most fabulous baked ziti. The next day, she & I took a Christmas road trip in an effort to break in my new vehicle.
We drove about 3 hours to South Beach, an island off of Miami, & spent the day window shopping, walking on the beach, had a nice lunch outside, & stopped at Starbucks twice. It was the perfect way to end a most tumultuous year. Bene did great, & I am proud to announce that I was able to parallel park her without issue, despite her being a boat in comparison to Gabby the Cabby. LOL.

Did y'all get that? :)
We ate OUTSIDE the day after Christmas. We were on the BEACH the day after Christmas.
Florida-life can really be quite grand!

The past month will also mark the month that I learned how to shoot a gun. Thanks to Rick & Lynda, they along with Katie & Vickie, joined me on my first trip to the shooting range. Monday nights are free for the ladies in Lakeland, Florida. Gotta love that!!! Rick teaching me: Katie, Lynda, & Vickie: My "person":
This month, I also began my much anticipated 2nd to last class of Graduate School after my 4 ½ year sabbatical. It is exhilarating and exhausting.

Oh, AND, I chopped my hair, again, into an edgy mid-length uneven cut. Please excuse the wacky photo, I could've at least put on some make-up for it. Haha! (But, in the background you can see the television & one of the sofas Tanya gave me - the sweetheart she is!).
It looks a little crazy when I wear it curly - or maybe it's just this shot of me, who knows? And, really, who cares? :)
I must close now, though, as I still have that never-ending to-do list on my mind. Thank you all for reading.
Wishing a wonderful 2010 to each of you.

It only seems like others have it all figured out; that their challenges are simpler, their friends are jollier, and their grass is greener. But, you should hear how they admire you. And perhaps, whatever others have figured out, it's because they get to have you as one of their jolly, green friends.... - The Universe


AnnInMaine said...

Ahhhh good to see you blogging again.

Yes, Im jealous.
You have a really cool
car that's great on gas, in my favorite color,that took you to a really nice beach, where you ate outside in December with a really nice friend who gave you a nice couch. Then you have friends that also taught you how to shoot a gun in case you need to shoot one, while out in about in Florida. Gawd woman!

Plus you have really cute curly hair. Which I don't have either!


Look at all your blessings!

Jules said...

Great post Suz! I love the new haircut and the new you. I'm so glad you've made new friends and have a brand new life in a brand new state (of mind)!


Kartek said...

You're too funny. I briefly checked and it looks like the fit is a whole inch longer than the cabrio. That's ok. I have trouble parking my fat RAV4 and it's only 6inches longer and 2 inches wider.