Sunday, December 6, 2009

In Memory Of Gabby the Cabby 09/27/1997 - 12/04/2009

Is it normal to be completely attached to your vehicle?
As I say goodbye to Gabby the Cabby, my trusty VW of over 12 years, I am happy to recall the memories we shared (LOL).
The many road trips to LBI with the top down & the sun warming us.
The road trips to Maine to visit PJ & upon moving to Maine many years later, the road trips home to NJ.
The way she was capable of zipping in & out of Manhattan & the simplicity of parallel parking there in the tightest of spots.
The many business trips to Long Island, Brooklyn, Pa, & NYS, since I refused to take a company car.
The many friends that stuffed into little Gabby & the many laughs we shared.
How Zoe dog would eagerly get into the back seat - and even once, as Mary as my witness, jumped into the trunk - cuz Zoe was a little crazy! :)
How Kismet would stand on the passenger seat paws stretched onto the dashboard as if he owned the streets.

Gabby the Cabby moved 7 times with me. I learned how to pack her like it was an art!
The many times I got completely lost, whether in NJ, SI, Maine, or Florida, before & after the incarnation of nav systems (yes, I still don't own one!). She never minded that I completely do not have any sense of direction. It seemed fitting that Thursday night, after choosing a replacement vehicle, we got totally lost in Lakeland due to a Christmas parade & roads being closed - I swear, I had no idea where the detour led me. It was pitch black, pouring rain, & her & I had a nice 2 1/2 hour travel home. Perfect for our last evening together.
After many years of good driving, she, as you know, began completely falling apart in Florida. With much hesitation, on Friday, I had to leave her, sadly, in a big parking lot of a car dealership in Lakeland where she will be transported to an auto auction. :( My poor car!!

I must purchase SHU alumni stickers immediately for the new car. LOL.
Here she is next to her replacement vehicle: a 2009 Honda Fit Sport.
Oh, Dear Gabby, I already miss you! :(
The car has become a secular sanctuary for the individual, his shrine to the self, his mobile Walden Pond. - Edward McDonagh


AnnInMaine said...

Oh! I sooo relate to your angst.

I owned this beautiful red 1974 Ford pickup truck that had Yosemite Sam mud flaps, and a Rebel flag for a headliner, mini steering wheel, dual exhaust and chrome rims. Loved that truck! I sadly had to let it go and saw it years later on its last legs, burning oil but still running. That truck drove me all over the country and never let me down. I could even climb into the engine compartment to work on it! How cool is that?

Ahhhh... letting go can be
bitter sweet.

PS Luv your new car!

Kartek said...

I feel your pain. I sold my 96 VW Golf a couple summers ago. I'd like to think in my head that it's still chugging along with it's new owner. Here's to making new memories with your Fit.