Sunday, November 8, 2009

Third Time's A Charm...

The third move within Florida since moving to Florida in June 2008.
If I never move again, I would be 100% fine with it.
Moving is incredibly stressful & painful - especially when you're moving from a 3rd floor apartment home to a 2nd floor apartment. Haha!
First off, Stray Cat had way more fun than I did with the move...

After everything was out of the Lakeland apartment, I took a day off to clean it like a crazy person & have the carpets professionally cleaned. It was a grueling 8 hours, but hopefully, time well spent to get back the security deposit in full.
So... I went from this awesome vaulted ceiling'd kitchen that I truly appreciated to... This tiny older styled kitchen (as in countertops & appliances aren't new or anything fancy & the floor is not tile, but linoleum):

From this 30X22 dining/living room space:
To this:

From a 13X11 master bedroom with lotsa light:
To this miniature version of a master bedroom with a mini window to boot :) :
But the second bedroom, which will be used as both a guest room & home office (upon the purchase of a much needed computer desk) has a bigger window:And, although, the new apartment's balcony isn't as big or open as the old one, Stray Cat adores it just the same, & if he's happy here, I know I will be:
This was a very smart move. It's closer to work. It's a lot less money per month. The savings will allow me to get a new car soon, as well as fulfill the long-list of household necessities like a microwave, a bed, a new cell phone, and... and... the list keeps growing & growing.
A new year is fast approaching, a new outlook has been required of me, & with that, I am forever grateful for what I do have & what I have learned along the way.

**In way more exciting news, my dear friend, Tanya, got married on November 7th, I was honored to be included in the celebration. I have created a web-album of the beautiful day. The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding - breezy, sunny, & cool. A mere 75-78 degrees in Orlando, Florida. Simply perfect. Congratulations Tanya & Carl!
There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be - The Beatles.


AnnInMaine said...

Good to see you are doing well.
The apartment looks nice, and yes wise

Jules said...

Awesome post and attitude my friend. You may have a smaller place now but your future is much brighter!

Kartek said...

Hopefully your new place has an awesome swamp behind it like the old joint. Although I'd probably be the only one that would find a backyard swamp a bonus.